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Beste Worte is both a service provider and a consultant. We know we can only be successful if our customers are successful too. Our longstanding relationships with our customers confirm this approach.

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Structural and stylistic advice on writing

Our seminars offer insight into the fine points of effective writing. Let us cater to your business communication needs!
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Communications strategies

A successful company is marked by a culture of effective and efficient business communications. All the pieces have to be present – from the perfect greeting in your email to the phrasing of the web content. We can help you work out an appropriate communications strategy.

Editorial support

How do I become a good writer? Whether it is web content, letters to customers or the company newsletter, we can provide assistance with structure, style, and tone. Take a seat in our ‘classroom’! After all, a memorable product is best served by memorable writing.

Seminars on social media

Let us share with you our editorial insights into the world of social media: What are the essential elements of an effective Tweet? The most effective use of Facebook? As language consultants, we can optimise the communicative range of your products and services.

Preparation of presentations

Effective presentations are our speciality. The seminars we offer can help ensure an optimal presentation of your ideas at the next conference or pitch presentation. Well-organised, visually appealing and editorially flawless presentations leave lasting impressions.
The culture of writing
The rules of spelling, grammar and logic apply to all. Questions of style are more dependent on the field or line of business.
Our seminars can help you raise your business communications to a new level.

Editorial consulting for advertising and marketing

Even for an ad agency, the editing of good advertising copy is not a simple task: language and style are dependent on the product or service. A customer-oriented approach is essential. In our seminars, we will show you how you can improve your knowledge and skills in the field of copy editing and public relations.

Editorial consulting for the arts and sciences

Whether for a dissertation, lecture or exhibition copy, the mastering of style and fine writing requires a sense of the language, well-built sentences and careful proofreading. We will show you what to watch for and where, whether it involves customer-oriented public relations work or the preparation of a dissertation or thesis.

Extensive expertise

We are experts in public relations and business communications. We are happy to share our extensive expertise by providing editorial and language services training to you or your staff.

At your service

As language specialists, it is our job to provide the answers to all your style and grammar questions. But we can also help with SEO (search) optimisation and social media too.

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Supporting member of the Verband der Freien Lektorinnen und Lektoren

Supporting member of the
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