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Your personal translation agency for German and English –
professional writing as well as advertising and marketing


Beste Worte is both a service provider and a consultant. We know we can only be successful if our customers are successful too. Our longstanding relationships with our customers confirm this approach.

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Translation by native speakers

Beste Worte offers professional technical translation and copy editing in a number of fields.
Your project is in good hands with us.
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General translations

Our standards are high. Translation is a job for native speakers. We rely on translators who specialise in their respective field. The finishing touch is provided by our native-language English or German copy editors. You can trust our team.

Technical translations

The language of the marketplace is different from that of the engineer. We work exclusively with specialist technical translators from both the arts and sciences and the marketplace. Your writing will be carefully as well as artfully translated and appropriately revised as necessary.

Website translation

Working exclusively with specialists, we will translate, edit and correct your online documents. Of course, we are happy to enter the translations and corrections directly into your CMS. and input your text directly into your CMS to achieve optimum results.


Whether it’s buttons on a browser page or the graphical user interface in your new app, our specialists will translate and correct your text strings on the basis of your terminology and guidelines. Using your new software in their own language will allow customers to recommend it!
Fields of expertise
Our professional translators translate and adapt specialized texts for the marketplace as well as the research institute.
Our work is reliable.

Translation services for advertising and marketing

We provide reliable translation services to service and product providers. We will take care to ensure that your message also shines in the German language. Place your trust in our specialist native speakers.

Translation services for the sciences, arts and humanities

Whether for academic journals, mathematics essays or museum catalogues – we provide qualified technical translations. Our copy editors will also apply their professional skills to existing texts. Translation and copy editing are only two aspects of our comprehensive services.

The four-eyes principle

Our services do not stop with the initial translation. Your assignment then goes to one of our copy editors for further refinement – until it is perfect!

Technical expertise

Beste Worte’s technical translation services are based on the principle that there is the right translator for every field – whether in German or English.

An instinct for language

Place your trust in a native speaker of German. Our German-language translators have many years of experience and have grown up speaking the language.

Your content management system

We recognise that working with WordPress and similar platforms demands a certain amount of patience. Our specialists can take this work off your hands.

SEO optimisation in the target language

Technical translations need to be understandable to Googlebots as well as humans. We can develop the best possible WDF*IDF-optimised translation.

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Supporting member of the Verband der Freien Lektorinnen und Lektoren

Supporting member of the
Verband der Freien Lektorinnen und Lektoren